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Air Fryers

With Hestia's air fryer range, savour the maximum taste of your favourite dishes with minimum calories.

A must-have kitchen appliances, our Air Fryers range from India's first top load Air Fryer

with an easy peek window to the 6-in-1 air fryer cum oven.

Meet the next-gen

Air Fryer that do it all!


Now fry your favourites the healthy way!

Maximum taste, minimum calories.

Leave out the guesswork!

India’s first top load Air Fryer with an easy peek top is here.


1. Easy Peek Window

The glass top makes it easy to check on your food and avoid blind cooking.


2. Presets for Indian Dishes

Specially designed presets for your favourite Indian dishes like samosa, paneer tikka and more.


3. One-touch Operation

Fry, bake, grill or reheat, all with a single touch of a button, and one Air Fryer.


4. 360° Air Circulation

High-speed air circulation technology helps distribute heat evenly and cooks the food inside out.


5. Top Load Design

Easy access to food without the need of pulling out the frying basket.


6. Sleek and Compact

Looks great in every kitchen and doesn’t take up much space on the countertop.

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