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Hestia is dedicated to creating innovative products that prioritize healthy living and well-being,
offering options that enhance your overall quality of life.

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Who we are:

Hestia Appliances is the leading online destination for smart kitchen appliances for domestic as well as commercial use. We are loved by health-conscious people all over India and work to make healthy living a way of life. The innovative range of kitchen appliances like Cold Press Juicers, Blenders, Vacuum Bottles, Egg Boilers and Air Fryers as well as personal care products like Electric Toothbrushes, Razors, and more, are designed and manufactured using top-notch technology and imported components sourced from South Korea, Japan, USA & China.

We at Hestia believe in providing only the best to our customers. Hence, we offer top-quality products at half the price points of leading brands. To make your shopping experience smooth and convenient, we strive hard to provide a delightful experience at every touchpoint and offer absolute transparency in terms of product technicalities and component-level pricing (not just spare parts pricing) to understand the total cost of ownership over the life-cycle of the product. Also, our team of expert customer care agents makes sure to assist you in the best possible way in case of any queries.


Why we do what we do:

The Hestia Appliances team has had its roots in the healthcare industry for the past 20 years and works day and night to overcome the challenge of a deteriorating lifestyle due to improper intake of nutritional food. Our slow juicers have the innate capability of retaining maximum nutrition while squeezing out the juice from your favourite fruits and veggies in the most natural way possible.


How has it helped?

With 130,000+ happy customers who chose Hestia to embark on their fitness journey, we are proud to have helped:

·       More than 600 customers reverse their diabetes.

·       Aided hundreds of customers in their weight-loss journey.

·       Have effectively helped treat PCOD/PCOS and control thyroid.

·       Been able to turn anaemic to 100 pointers on haemoglobin levels.

·       Helped improve skin complexion/texture and overcome many other health problems.


What makes our products stand out?


Cold Press Juicer – Patented auger and slow juicing process that gives you the goodness of natural hand-squeezed like juice with rich colour and texture. 

IQ Blender Pro – High-performance motor that can grind even the toughest of ingredients in seconds, and one-touch blend, grind & mix function to make meal preps easy. 

Egg Boiler – One-touch operation that lets you boil 7 eggs in 8 minutes and gives perfectly boiled eggs 3 ways (soft, medium & hard). 

Vacuum Bottle – India’s first vacuum bottle that reduces oxidation and retains the original flavour and nutrition of your juice/smoothie, keeping it fresh longer. 

Electric Toothbrush – Sonic technology with 5 different modes that give a deep cleaning experience and quick inductive charging with a battery life of 90 days, which means you will only have to charge your brush 4 times in a year.

Luxe Razor - Made of zinc with chrome plating for a decade-long daily usage and Flexball technology that makes the shaving experience super easy and fluid.


With the growing awareness of the importance of good health and the need for nutrition in your daily diet, people are paying more attention to everything they consume. Right from their occasional platters to fresh juices, everything is preferred with a side of health benefits. There is also this knowledge amongst the masses that most outside food comes with preservatives and other enhancers that lend you nothing but flavour. This is also one factor that is making them opt for homemade drinks and food.


Each appliance designed at Hestia is made to make everyday usage easier while also allowing you to reap maximum health benefits. When compared to other kitchen appliances, this range boasts smarter features that make it easier to retain the most amount of nutrients out of the foods used. Moreover, the premium quality that every appliance here is etched with, comes with the promise of durability, better health, and smoother and luxurious living.

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