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Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer is made with top-notch technology that consists of
patented hand-like Auger to squeeze the juice out of fruits/veggies in the most natural way possible. It maintains the natural flavour, original colour, up to 3X vitamins & up to 4X nutrition. Know More
  • The all-new 2021 Hestia Nutri-Max cold press-masticating juicer includes a large feeding bowl and best in class auger with patented large knobs. 
  • A high-performance and robust 240-watt motor offers ultimate efficiency while operating at the lowest noise than ever before, with a speed up to 46 rpm.
  • Comes with PATENTED Auger juicer also known as the Masticating Juicer which gives natural hand-squeezed like juice of fruits and vegetables maintaining its natural flavour, original colour, up to 3X vitamins, phytochemicals, enzymes & dietary fibre for up to 4X nutrition absorption
  • 3 strainers included in the packaging: Juice strainer (fine), Smoothie strainer & Frozen fruit strainer.
  • Heavy-duty motor that enhances the durability of the juicer
  • Best in class industry warranty and top rated after sales support that includes warranty for: "Residential Use: 1 year on Plastic against manufacturing defects, 5 years on electronic parts and 10 years on motor.

How To Use:

Step-1: Align all the components of the juicer.

(Note- Juicer will only operate when all the components are properly aligned as per the safety lock feature)

Step-2: Plug the power cord and switch it on.

Step-3: Add desired fruit/vegetable/nuts through the feeding tube. Remove big seeds and hard skin from your fruits or veggies (eg- gooseberry, pineapple).

Step-4: Use the smart cap to mix juices, to stop juice from dripping or for rinsing between different juices.

Step-5: After juice and pulp are completely extracted, switch the unit off.

Step-6: Relish into the flavor of fresh juice.


The juicer comes with a clear and detailed instruction manual for your better understanding.


Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 39 × 40 × 41 cm

240 Watts, Long-life Condenser run decelerating AC induction motor weighing 4.4 Kgs.
30+ minutes of continuous working time


46 RPM

Quiet Operation


Auger, Strainer material


Not just juice, it can be put to more fun use

• Make berry sorbets.

• Make vegan nut milks.

• Make your own homemade ice-cream.

Hestia Health Tip

Cloudy apple juice is the highest in antioxidants as compared to the one with clear consistency.For a thinner smoothie, follow this order: liquids first, followed by soft fruits or vegetables, greens, and finally, ice on top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Santosh A

Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer (Black)

Thank you so much !

karan Sharma

Apart from cleaning which is little tough everything is great

Thank you so much !

Fantastic Product

After comparing so many cold press juicers online, I finally went ahead with this Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer. It works exactly as promised. You can easily compare the juices with your old ones using a juicer/mixer and will find this one far better than the older ones.

Thank you so much !

Family time around Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer

I am really in love with my Hestia Nutri max cold press juicer. Now a days, it is fun time for us in family to get around our juicer and try out something new that we know for sure is genuine and good for health.

Thank you so much !

Vishnu Sharan Sharma
Black juicer Feedback

I really like juice extracted from my juicer.
Quality is same what was advertised .
I am really pleased with your response regarding our service of giving demo to operate &any queries related how to use equipment.I will definitely recommend same to my acquaintances.

Thank you so much !

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