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Opt for a healthier way to blend with Hestia Dual VAC mixer blender. It uses 
its patented vacuum technology to blend which reduces the contact between
air and the ingredients- reduced oxidation, no foaming.
When you blend with Hestia Dual VAC mixer blender you get more nutrients, fuller flavors, smoother consistency, less oxidation and foam. Know More

• DUAL VACUUM BLENDER: Provides more nutrients, fuller flavours, smoother consistency, less oxidation and foam.

• PATENTED VACUUM TECHNOLOGY: Reduces contact between air and raw ingredients that helps reduce oxidation and almost eliminates foaming.

• ADVANCED BLADE DESIGN: Contains cross blade that creates a mini-vortex in the jar and high capacity container jar makes smoothies and mixes a quick and convenient process.

• SAFETY LOCK: This kitchen appliance has a safety sensor that operates only when the noise abatement cover fits snugly on the main body.

• OPTIMUM NUTRITION RETENTION: This blender retains up to 4X more Vitamins & 2.5X more Polyphenols to give a great boost to your dietary needs.

• EARTH CONSCIOUS TRITAN CONTAINER: The container is made with BPA & BPS free Tritan 1.25L high capacity container that helps in blending all ingredients.

• VERSATILE BLENDING: Blends almost everything! Make restaurant style hummus, salsa and sauces, smooth-as-silk textured chutneys and cafe-styled smoothies. You can easily convert any frozen ingredients into delicious ice-creams and sorbets.

• PRESET OPTIONS FOR COMMON RECIPES: This blender comes with preset options for some most common recipes in which you just have to put in your ingredients and choose the preset option basis your preference, The blender will decide the time and speed as per the recipe without you having to worry about it.

This is how you can switch to a healthier way to blend:

Step-1: Pick ingredients basis your recipe

Step-2: Add all the ingredients to the container

Step-3: Put the sound cover on the container and align as per the safety lock

Step-4: Choose the function from the touch panel as per your choice


We also provide a detailed instruction manual with the blender.


High-Speed Vacuum Blender


30,000 RPM


Japanese HCS-Steel Blades. 2.2 mm blade thickness

Rated Power Supply & Wattage

240 Volts. Wattage: 1000 Watts


3.75 HP


1.25L BPA & BPS-Free Co-Polyester Tritan Plastic


(-) 80KPa


(-) 60KPa


1 year on electronic parts and 5 years on motor

A blender that can blend everything:
• Creamy hummus
• Cafe Style Smoothies
• Tangy Sauces
• Fine Dosa or Medu Vada Batter
• Dips
• Hot Soup

Our state-of-the-art post-sales service is available in 740 out of the 748 districts of India. Please call +91-9885741677 to get started.

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Hestia Health Tip

Cloudy apple juice is the highest in antioxidants as compared to the one with clear consistency.For a thinner smoothie, follow this order: liquids first, followed by soft fruits or vegetables, greens, and finally, ice on top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Spare parts not available

I have been using this blender from last 2-3 years
The blender works fine but unfortunately if the jar they offer with this product breaks down your blender is than just piece of scrap than its of no use as the service team fails to deliver the spare jar. I wish i had purchased some other company’s blender whose customer care could provide spare

Kunal Mehta
Nice blender

So far so good!

Thank you so much !

Frequently Asked Questions

You can blend almost anything and everything using this blender.
The appliance is not intended to blend ingredients other than food, such as fiber, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, stone, paper, etc.

Jar Cleaning

You can clean the jar according to the food consistency as below:
For thinner food, which do not stick to the inside wall of the jar:you can rinse
the jar and its lid under tap water,wipe it with a clean cloth or just dry it in the air and store it properly.
For thicker food, which stick to the inside wall of the jar:
1. Pour some clean water into the jar, put the lid back and reattach the jar to the base. Press PULSE for cleaning, take off the jar and pour out the water when it’s
done. You can repeat the procedure to make a thorough cleaning.
2. Rinse the jar and its lid under tap water,wipe it with a clean cloth or just dry it in the air and store it properly.
3. You may just clean the jar by repeating the procedure of step 1 and rinse the lid under tap water, and then wipe it with a clean cloth or just dry it in the air and
store it properly.
4. Do not immerse the jar in water to avoid damage to the blade assembly.

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