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5 Modern Kitchen Appliances that make for a thoughtful Wedding Gift

Nov 18, 2022 - Fareed Ahmad

The wedding season is here. It's time to stop gifting the old conventional kitchen appliances and gift newlyweds something that will help them stay healthy and also do faster cooking. Here is a range of products that will make their life's easier:


1. Cold Press Juicers

cold press juicers

Cold press juicers are a great gift to make one's life easier. Conventional fruit juicers reduce the essential minerals and enzymes in the juice. On the contrary, cold press juicers extract the juice without generating heat. It retains more enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from fruits or vegetables. Moreover, it is way less noisy than the conventional ones. Basically, in cold-press juice nutrients are preserved using High-Pressure Processing.

Also, in today's time when everyone is in a hurry, a quick glass of morning juice would help one stay energized at work. The taste of cold-press juices is unmatched, and one can prepare a large batch and store it properly. 

Another advantage of having cold-press juices is that it gives higher yield than conventional juicers. The consistency of cold-press juices is also thick which gives it a good taste. It retains more pulp and fiber.

So, in short, cold-press juicers are great for health. It could play an important role in keeping a family healthy in this fast-paced lifestyle. 

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2. Air fryers

air fryers

If one is looking for a wedding gift for a health-conscious friend, an air fryers is a perfect gift. This is a kitchen machine that not only reduces cooking time but gives one the healthiest food with a minimal amount of oil. One can use it to make french fries, fried dumplings, crispy onion rings, and many more. The air fryer basket also drains off the excess oil in foods like chicken wings or nuggets. An air fryer is a great way to reduce fat in one's food. 

Moreover, food that would take 25 minutes in an oven, will only take about 15 minutes in an air fryer. Most air fryers have grilling, roasting, baking, and even reheating options. One just needs to set the timer and temperature for the food. The best part is that one doesn't have to inspect or turn the food around regularly. They even come with cookbooks to help one make their favourite food without any hassle. 

These appliances are compact enough to fit in the kitchen without occupying a lot of space. It is hassle-free to clean air fryers; it also has a removable cleaning tray to wash and use if required.

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3. Blenders


Blenders are a great way to make smoothies and other healthy recipes - this kitchen machine is a must-have for any household. Enabled with multiple functions, blenders have options to chop, dice, or puree the food items which makes cooking an easier process.  

Blenders help in preparing fruits and vegetables smoothies which give a higher level of fiber, essential for a healthy diet. You can also use these for preparing batters and making creamier soups. 

This kitchen appliance is a total time saver. It eases the cooking process and promotes healthy eating. Also, blenders are easy to clean as well.

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4. Egg boiler

egg boiler

Boiling eggs in the morning when one is rushing to the office can get stressful. This is a feasible kitchen appliance to get the work done without needing any attention. If one is setting up a new home, an egg boiler is a kitchen product that will be of great help. The lid on the egg boiler makes the cooking way faster.

An egg boiler is a small kitchen appliance that has a one-touch option. It also gives options to control how hard or soft one wants the egg to be. Moreover, the appliances switch off automatically when they are boiled, and the best part is that the eggs don't crack when inside the appliance.

Boiling an egg to perfection is not easy. Even if one knows how long to leave it on the gas, there is no guarantee that one would get the egg the way one wants it. On the other hand, egg boilers are automated and give a person exactly what they want. 

If one is health-conscious and consumes eggs daily, egg boilers are a must-have. It comes with an easy-to-use operation procedure that can give perfect boiled eggs. Moreover, this kitchen machine is affordable and won't be heavy on one's pocket.

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5. Multi-Cooker

multi cooker

A multi-cooker is a perfect gift for any newly married couple. It promotes healthy cooking and saves cooking time.

Multi-cookers are the earlier rice cookers which now come with many more features. It helps to steam vegetables and other ingredients. One just needs to put the ingredients and water, choose the timer, and just allow it to make a tasty meal. It is beneficial because it helps health-conscious people cook food with minimum oil and maximum nutrition. Because of its compact size, it can easily fit into a cabinet or on the kitchen top. It will also save space as it can replace several kitchen appliances like rice cookers, frypans, slow cookers, etc. 

It offers simple, easy-to-follow, 1-button cooking to make anything from soup to biriyani. It is also great for amateur cooks; they can sauté and prep the foods in the multi-cooker first and the cooker does the rest. It can be used to cook for a big group as well. 

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