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Cold Press Juicers - Perfect Companion for your Health Journey

Oct 21, 2022 - Fareed Ahmad

Fitness and healthy eating as a way of life are gaining ground. Covid has underscored the need for a healthy lifestyle. Also, any nutritionist worth their salt will advise clients to consume at least five portions of fresh fruits and vegetables a day.


However, saying it is one thing, but incorporating it into daily life is a whole new ball game. This brings us to the crux of the issue; how is it possible to chew on five portions of vegetables and fruits without dislocating your jaw? The answer is quite simple - Cold Press Juicers.


So, what are cold press juicers and how do they improve health and fitness? Let's find out.


What is Cold Pressed Juice?


The cold-pressed juice extraction process may seem a lot like the one used in standard juicers that have been around for decades. Fruits or vegetables go in one side and juice flows out at the other end. But that’s where the similarity ends.  

In a standard juicer, the fruits and vegetables are ripped and shredded for juicing, exposing them to oxygen and reducing their nutritional content. The heat generated in the process further destroys vitamins and phytochemicals in vegetables and fruits. 

The cold-press juicer on the other hand, retains more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients than the standard juicer. It uses a hydraulic press and pulverizes the vegetables and fruits slowly. The centrifugal extraction retains more nutrients than juice from a standard juicer.


A Power Packed Solution to Health Benefits:


Cold-pressed juice is a great way to add to the daily nutrient requirements of a diet. The health benefits are:


  • Preserves Eessential Nutrients

Preserves essential nutrients

It's a given that fruits and vegetables contain an abundant supply of vital nutrients. The cold-press juicer makes sure it retains these health essentials, to give maximum nutritional benefits. This makes cold-press juicers an essential home appliance for the health-conscious. What’s more, the cold-pressed juices taste good too.


  • Helps Promote Weight Loss

    Helps promote weight loss

    When hunger pangs strike, it’s difficult to resist junk food. A cold-press fruit juicer is a handy appliance that gives a glass full of goodness in a matter of minutes. As the machine does most of the work, appeasing hunger pangs gets easier. The result is weight loss, as calorie consumption goes down.


    • Juices Rich in Healthy Enzymes

    Juices rich in healthy enzymes

    Freshly squeezed fruit juice using a cold-press juicer retains the naturally occurring enzymes. This may not be possible in juice derived from a standard juicer or a store-bought product.

    Enzymes are absorbed in the body just like vitamins and they help in fortifying your body and aid in digestion. These enzymes are also vital for brain stimulation, the repair of tissues, and the provision of cellular energy.


    • May Slow Aging

    May slow aging

    Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, a component that is essential for good health. Antioxidants help prevent cellular functional damage due to oxidation. Studies show that there is a link between antioxidants and cancer and diabetes-fighting properties. Antioxidants are good for heart health too. Moreover, antioxidants are known to slow down aging.


    • Detoxifies Body

    Detoxifies body

    For overall health and fitness, cold-pressed juice is a great way to improve your health. Consumption of cold press juice helps the body’s detoxification process. As cold-pressed juices are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, they fight toxins and boost immunity. Also, cold-press juice doesn’t have fibrous pulp. This means the body doesn’t have to break down the fiber for digestion. The nutrients are absorbed into the cells faster, resulting in more health benefits.

    A spurt of energy is often noticed with a few gulps of a cold-pressed hydrating drink. However, store-bought cold-press juices will not give the same results as they contain added sugar, preservatives, and fructose.


    Why Cold Press Juicer is a Perfect Companion for your Health Journey?


    It is not easy to get the daily quota of nutrients when juggling a tight schedule. Also, a multivitamin tablet can do only so much. For optimal health and energy, cold press juices can be a heaven-send.

    So, what are the advantages of owning a cold-press juicer? Let’s find out.


    • Customized Juices and Smoothies


    Depending on the requirements and taste, it’s easy to customize the smoothie or cold juices. Organic produce is an option, as are seasonal fruits and vegetables to get maximum health benefits. As all that is needed is tossing the ingredients into the cold-press juicer, it is very doable.


    • Better Taste


    A better flavor is assured as the cold-press juicer eliminates bacteria formation at the structural level. This preserves the taste that would otherwise be affected by heat in a conventional model. The juice is nutritious and flavorsome.


    • Better Yield


    A cold-press juicer has more output than conventional blenders and juicers. This means more nutrients due to better yield. A great advantage is; it takes nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts too, so a tasty smoothie is assured. This benefit is not available in a standard juicer. A masticating model can give better value for money for healthy juices.


    • Low Noise


    The lower speed factor in a cold-press juicer ensures a low noise performance. That means a less noisy beginning for the day. Also, the family doesn’t get disturbed if they are sleeping late.


    Cold press juicers are so much more than a fad. It’s a lifestyle choice. The machine can change the way a person feels and functions. Also, it keeps diseases at bay and improves skin and hair texture. Hestia cold-press juicers are an excellent choice for optimal performance and value for money. Check out their products by logging in, to the Hestia website.

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