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Healthy Smoothies and Juices to stay strong this winter

Jan 27, 2023 - Fareed Ahmad

Eating fruits and vegetables builds our immunity and keeps us strong. During winter, our immune system needs special care. However, it is not always that we consciously make fruits and vegetables a part of our diet. The easiest way of infusing life-saving vitamins and nutrients into our diet is by drinking juices and smoothies. Some certain juices and smoothies are particularly known as winter juices and winter smoothies.

These fluids keep people hydrated and also provide nutrients to our bodies. In this article, the many colds pressed juices suited for the winter diet are mentioned. People of different ages benefit from drinking different juices during this time of the year.


Cold-pressed Juices for the health conscious


Late 20s and Early 30s


In the late 20s and early 30s, you need a precautionary approach to diet and habits. From avoiding aging factors to keeping common diseases at bay, a lot can happen over a glass of juice.


Cold pressed Citrus Juice


A type of cold-pressed juice that benefits people in their late 20s and early 30s are citrus juice. Citrus fruits have a lot of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, etc. Citrus juices like orange, lemon, and grapefruit juices give your body a boost of immunity-strengthening vitamins. Citrus juice is packed with antioxidants that reduce stress factors in the body and keep you healthy. The vitamins of Citrus juice improve the body's immune response and keep infections at bay. When the aim is to fight off the common cold and cough, citrus juices work as magic.

One of the best ways to drink citrus juice every day is to use a cold press juicer like Hestia Nutra Vita Cold Press Juicer and make the juice at home. Cold press protects and preserves the nutrients in the fruit and keeps it intact in the juice.


Tomato juice


Tomato is a miracle fruit that has many fortifying nutrients in it. The fruit is rich in potassium, vitamin A, and Vitamin B. The nightshade family fruit is also rich in Vitamin C. Without any additives, making tomato juice fresh at home with a cold press juicer is a healthy way of consuming these vitamins. Instead of going for some vitamin supplements in your 20s and 30s, drinking winter juices have more benefits. The juice of tomato has anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic properties.

For glowing skin and strong immunity, tomato juice is a great fluid to consume. You can put tomato with any other fruit and consume its cold-pressed juice. The use of cold pressed juicer increases the antioxidants and vitamin content of the juice people consume. Drinking tomato juice lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. If you are 20-something or in your early 30s, replace your stress-relieving supplements with tomato juice, and you will feel rejuvenated from the inside.


Late 30s-early 40s


Some juices are particularly suited for people in their late 30s and 40s. People shoulder more responsibility during their thirties and forties. The juices mentioned below keep people strong and healthy for a busy life.


Giloy Juice

Giloy juice has multiple health benefits, and you can make this juice from the branches of its plant. The juice is vegan and can be an ingredient in winter smoothies too. A good quality cold press juicer extracts all the goodness of Giloy and delivers it to people. Giloy juice works as an immunity booster and anti-inflammatory agent. It also has antioxidant and antipyretic properties.

The juice is good for older people approaching the age of 40 as it controls blood sugar and blood pressure. The juice also improves digestion and reduces pain from arthritis. People who drink Giloy juice every day do not age fast and have better eyesight as well as youthful skin. The miraculous juice protects people from chronic health conditions and their symptoms.


Karela Jamun Juice


Karela Jamun Juice, with the goodness of bitter gourd and black plum, is the ultimate health elixir in winter. The juice can be a replacement for smoothies for weight loss. Karela and Jamun both control blood sugar levels and are beneficial for diabetes patients. If you are at risk of genetically triggered diabetes or want to control your binge eating habits, Karela Jamun juice helps you stay healthy.

The juices stop your blood sugar from converting into fat and aids in weight loss. Using a cold press juicer to extract karela Jamun juice conserves the healthy fibre of the fruits. The fibre content of the juice prevents hunger pangs and controls your appetite.

As you age, your liver needs frequent detoxification for proper functioning. Karela Jamun Juice acts as the perfect liver detox juice. It boosts digestion and faster metabolism. The juice cleanses toxins out of your body and keeps you healthy for a long time. Moreover, the juice also has anti-cancer properties.


Late 40s-50s


As people approach their late 40s and 50s, the chances of chronic ailments and other health issues deepen. It is important to protect the body with a good diet, exercise and good lifestyle habits during this age. Natural smoothies for weight loss and juices for immunity take care of the body at this age.


Noni Juice


Noni Juice is a beneficial fluid with many minerals and vitamins in it. The juice is rich in iron, calcium, and potassium. The juice also has high antioxidant content with flavonoids, iridoids, and coumarins in it. Noni juice cleanses your body and repairs it internally. It reduces cellular damage due to age factors, pollution, and smoking and also prevents further cell death.

It also eases joint pain and protects the heart vitals. The juice can protect all the vulnerable systems of our body. Aging people approaching their 50s can benefit greatly from the juice intake. Noni juice made on a cold press juicer is richer in nutrients and maintains its fibre content.


Pomegranate juice


Pomegranate is a rejuvenating fruit that has antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial polyphenols for the aging person. Cold press juice of pomegranate fights off infections and inflammation. The juice also has anti-cancer properties. Pomegranate juice works at the cellular level and boosts your mitochondrial processes to keep you young, even at the age of 50. It keeps your metabolism healthy and reduces the risk of diseases such as Parkinson's. Pomegranates can also be used as ingredients in smoothies.

All these juices are like the body's elixir at different ages. The regular consumption of these juices keeps diseases at bay and conserves your health. To make the most of your winter juices and winter smoothies, always use a cold press juicer like Nutri Max cold press juicer from Hestia.  

Check out Hestia's Cold Press Juicer today and make a healthier diet switch in life.

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