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Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juices | Add This To Your Diet And Enjoy Multiple Health Benefits

Jun 30, 2022 - Fareed Ahmad

What are cold-pressed juices?


Cold-pressed juices are made using a hydraulic press. A hydraulic press exerts massive pressure to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables. The process takes longer but ensures the removal of skin or fibre in the juice, resulting in a smoother liquid. 

How are they different from regular juices?

The primary feature that separates cold-pressed juice from the traditionally produced ones is that no amount of heat is used while producing cold-pressed juices. The amount of oxidation is also minimal in cold-pressed juices. Heat can destroy certain vital nutrients (vitamins and minerals), antioxidants, and digestive enzymes present in the juice. Thus, cold-pressed juice helps retain the necessary nutrients, optimising the benefits of the juice. 

The missing use of heat also results in making the juice more flavourful. One can easily spot the difference between a traditionally produced and cold-pressed juice by simply tasting it. Not only do cold pressed juices have five times more nutrients but they are richer, tastier and more dense. One can also store them for a longer period of time. These factors in cold-pressed juices give them an upper hand. Below is a list of some of the benefits of consuming cold-pressed juices.


Health benefits of cold-pressed juices:

beetroot juice from cold press juicer

More vitamins and antioxidants

While any freshly made juice benefits the body, cold-pressed juices retain almost 100 per cent of the vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. Most juicing processes involve centrifugal juicers that generate a lot of heat while spinning, losing a considerable amount of nutrients. Therefore, cold-pressed juices make for a healthier alternative by providing all the lacking nutrients to our bodies, and help make conditions like anaemia, PCOS or diabetes better. Cold-pressed juices also have a good amount of antioxidants. They help improve our skin by reducing ageing and adding a fresh glow to it.  

Better Detox 


Most of us live our lives in a constant state of frenzy, juggling numerous chores at the same time. We hardly get time to take care of our bodies and often make unhealthy eating and drinking choices due to a lack of time or a need to socialise. Excessive processed food, junk or alcohol, and a lack of sleep result in a clogged system. Cold-pressed juices provide an efficient solution to a healthier us by helping the system detox better. The nutrients present in these cold-press juices help our systems fight toxins, strengthen immunity and cleanse the body, making it more equipped to fight off diseases.

Quicker weight loss


The abundance of nutrients in cold-pressed juices keeps one feeling full for a long time, putting a stop to unhealthy bingeing. The pleasant flavour of cold-pressed juices also keeps the taste buds satiated, preventing food cravings. As they can efficiently remove toxins from the body, they help optimise the function of the kidneys and the liver, including increasing metabolism and draining out extra cellulite from the body. All these factors contribute significantly to weight loss and aid in weight management.   

Improved Digestion


Digestion is another major issue faced by a large population today while trying to cope with the hectic schedules of everyday life. Processed food dramatically reduces our capacity to digest, resulting in heartburn or acidity. Cold-pressed juices are a saviour when it comes to improving digestion, as, unlike other juices, they retain most of the digestive enzymes from vegetables and fruits. This helps build a healthier and cleaner gut and keep our bowel movements regular.

Can you make cold-pressed juices at home?


While this might have been more difficult earlier, you can now make cold-pressed juices at home. Hestia cold press juicer is an excellent option for those who do not want to rely on outsourcing their favourite juice. The entire process takes hardly 10-15 minutes. Let’s say you want to reward your stomach with some fresh cold-pressed apple, beetroot and carrot juice (ABC juice). Follow these four steps, and your desired product will be ready in no time:

  1. Wash the apples, beetroots and carrots.
  2. Cut them into pieces (avoid cutting them into large chunks).
  3. Throw them into the press bag of your Hestia cold-pressed juicer.
  4. Turn on the cold-press juicer and collect the ABC juice into the jar.

Once your juice is ready, you can consume it immediately or refrigerate it. Cold-pressed juices can last up to 3-5 days, depending on the ingredients used. Because these juices are cold-pressed, and there is a minimum amount of oxidation, the nutrients will remain intact for a long time. So, you can always make a large batch in one go and store them in bottles to keep them handy for most of the week. If you are a parent, filling up the refrigerator with these juices will also help push your children towards having a healthier diet and getting the required amount of nutrients that cold-pressed juices provide. You can also use cold-pressed juicer to make nut milk, smoothies, or sorbets. 


Why opt for cold-pressed juices? 

While fresh juices have always been considered great for your system, cold-pressed juices take it a notch up by revolutionizing how juices are produced. The least heat and minimal oxidation in cold-pressed juices help retain the essential nutrients and enzymes. These juices are easy to make, can be stored for an extended period, and provide several health benefits. They aid in weight loss and help flush out toxins from your body, and keep you feeling full for a long period, reducing your desire to binge. Consuming cold-pressed juices also ensures that your daily need for greens is met and is an efficient way of consuming large volumes of vegetables. The massive amount of antioxidants in these juices keeps your skin’s health intact and prevents viruses or diseases by strengthening your immunity. The best part is they taste much better than other juices and can be consumed daily! Cold-press juices are ideal for contemporary life and help people keep their diet and health in check while juggling the grind of daily life.

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