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10 Hydrating Drinks to Stay Hydrated While Fasting

Oct 03, 2022 - Fareed Ahmad

Decked-up shops, ceremonial rites, fasting, and mega feasting—the energetic vibes of Navratri preparations are in the air. For the unversed, Navratri is a nine-day-long festival during which individuals rejoice in the joy of spirituality.

It is also a time when many people take up a nine-day fast to devote themselves to Devi Durga to seek her divine blessings. In addition, the fast also helps one detoxify the system by adhering to the food customs of the Hindu traditions.

However, fasting for nine long days isn't that simple!

To keep oneself energetic, one needs to stay hydrated while observing a fast. However, it is not necessary to confine oneself solely to water for hydration. Many fluid drinks hydrate and nourish the body while gratifying taste buds. In the article below, let us look at the ten best drinks for dehydration besides water.

So, here are some recipes for the "must-try" drinks for dehydration for this festive season.


1. Dry Fruits and Banana Milkshake

Dry Fruits and Banana Milkshake

Peel, cut, and mix bananas with dried fruits and a glass of milk. Add cashew or walnuts for a rich taste and nutty consistency. Blend this in a high-performer juicer to ensure there are no lumps when you drink it.

Hestia offers the IQ blender pro that makes the finest, creamy, and healthy smoothies. This is the best hydration drink for diabetic patients as it does not need extra sugar. Prepare it with the IQ Blender Pro by Hestia that can blend anything with just one touch of a button.


2. Lassi


Lassi is a traditional rehydration drink that helps with digestion. It cools down the body and keeps it hydrated.

Lassi is made by adding water or milk and sugar or spices to the curd. Based on one's liking, Lassi can be made sweet or salty. Rose water is sometimes added to make the beverage more delectable and refreshing.

Lassi is high in calcium and helps with bone strength. It also aids digestion and is a wonderful source of probiotics.


3. Lemon Water

lemon water

A glass of good old nimbu paani or lemonade is one of the most common hydrating juice ever.

Nutritionists recommend drinking lemon water daily, made with the juice of two lemons and a teaspoon of rock salt mixed in water. It keeps the body hydrated and is the finest source of Vitamin C.


4. Watermelon Slush

Watermelon Slush

Watermelon is excellent in the summer since it contains 92% water. It is much better than drinking water after exercise, as it also helps improve the immune system.

Watermelon juice can be the best juice for dehydration as it is rich in antioxidants and has many other health benefits.

Watermelon juice, made with Hestia's cold press juicer, whether for Navratri or Ramadan, is a refreshing way to combat the heat and stay fed. Moreover, cold-press juices are high in nutrition and low in oxidation, giving you a glass full of hydration and satisfaction during the fast.


5. Smoothie with Apples and Coconut

Smoothie with Apples and Coconut

The very mention of delicate coconut water after a workout invigorates and renews tired bodies.

Blend a cup of diced apple pieces with a glass of coconut water electrolytes to make this nutrient-dense smoothie in Hestia's Dual-VAC power mixer blender. This apparatus is proven for its vacuum technology, which retains the nutrition of the fruits giving a flavourful, smooth, and highly nutritious smoothie.

If desired, mix in delicate coconut chunks and add pudina leaves for extra flavour.


6. Cold-pressed Mosambi Juice

Cold-pressed Mosambi Juice

Sweet lime or Mosambi juice is a popular fasting beverage because it's delicious and contains vital nutrients, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and water. It also contains citric acid, which keeps you full for a long time.

Moreover, with homemade juices for dehydration, one can be sure of having fresh juice devoid of harmful chemicals or excessive sugar.

Hestia's cold press juicer retains maximum nutrition from the fruits. Its 7L juicing capability readies the drink for the entire family in a single use.


7. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera has recently earned the title of a superfood, deservedly so.

The best drink for dehydration, made from aloe vera, is high in antioxidants and has potent healing capabilities. It aids in gut detoxification and provides numerous beauty benefits, such as radiant and glowing skin. 

To produce a hydrating drink, immerse some chunks of freshly picked aloe vera in water or sip the fresh, hand-squeezed juice from Hestia's Nutri vita cold pressed juicer that ensures maximum nutrition from the succulent.


8. Pineapple and Papaya Juice

Pineapple and Papaya Juice

Blend two cups of ripe papaya and one cup of pineapple, both cut into rough cubes with a bit of water. One may add rock salt instead of table salt during Navratri.

Both fruits are rich in nutrients like vitamins C and A that strengthen the immune system and give flawless skin. Hestia's Nutri max cold press juicer gives the perfect texture and flavour to the juice while saving the nutrients from the fruits. It generates over 50% more juice than traditional juicers.


9. Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

Consider a banana peanut butter smoothie if looking for something unusual. This protein shake will make anyone feel invigorated and healthy.

Prepared with homemade peanut butter, bananas, milk and a variety of other nutritional ingredients, it is quite satisfying and a healthy alternative to all of the crispy fries during the fast.

Hestia's IQ blender Pro gives a smooth blend while keeping the nutrition intact.


10. Buttermilk


A byproduct of milk made from the liquid left over after churning butter from cream, buttermilk is another best drink for dehydration in adults. It has all the important macronutrients with no fat and is high in calcium, riboflavin, vitamins, probiotics, and other health-promoting minerals.

So, this festive season deck up your home as well as your health with aesthetic, high-quality juicers and blenders, and get ready for the grand celebrations. Explore all the cold press juicers and blenders at Hestia now!

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