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10 Best Kitchen Appliances To Gift Your Loved Ones This Festive Season

Sep 28, 2022 - Fareed Ahmad

There is a huge list of gift items available on many online websites for this festive season but what matters the most is to choose a gift that will ease the workload from people's hectic schedules and will add value to their life. And what can be better than the advanced kitchen appliances that provide a smarter, healthier, and hassle-free way to prepare a variety of dishes in no time? So, here are some of the best kitchen products that can also be the best gift items in this festive season. 

1. Cold Press Juicers


 Homemade juices are unquestionably healthier than sugary, store-bought ones. Traditional juicers, often known as centrifugal juicers, employ fast-spinning blades to sever fruits and vegetables. This depletes the juices of important elements, leaving little or no nutritional value. "Cold-pressed" juicers extract juice from fruits and vegetables by pressing and grinding them. Because these juicers do not create heat during extracting, they are also known as "cold-pressed juicers." This is a healthy method to create juice from one's favorite fruits and vegetables. Show that extra care for your loved ones by gifting them Hestia's cold press juicers. Hestia offers a variety of cold press juicers that produce up to 60% more minerals and vitamins than traditional juicers.


2. Air Fryers


What can be better than the gift that enables healthy cooking? Experience the healthy way of frying with advanced air frying techniques of high-quality air fryers. It's not just the famous french fries, but the air fryer can make extremely scrumptious chicken wings and nuggets, and even bake brownies; plus, all of it can be done using 95% less oil than pan frying. Thus, it cuts down the calories by 70-80%, making the food low in fat. There is a range of air fryers by Hestia that can add unique value to your loved one's kitchens. Moreover, these air fryers are specifically made for Indian cooking and allow food visibility to avoid blind cooking. So, find the right fryer for your loved ones, only at Hestia.

3. Boilers


Egg is the everyday breakfast solution for every Indian household. After all, what can be a better way to grab protein and nutrients in a delicious way? And when boiling eggs becomes just a one-touch operation with automatic turn-offs, it becomes one of the best gift options for your family and friends. Hestia brings to you a smart egg boiler that boils 7 eggs at a time in just 8 minutes in the most convenient way ever. It allows one to have eggs as they like it with its three-way boiling process that can provide soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs. With an in-built safety system, the boilers will never get overheated, which protects the machine from getting damaged. Not just eggs, these egg boilers can steam veggies, corn and even sea food!

4. Blenders


This is one of the kitchen electronics that is used almost every day in every Indian household. Thus, this is a gift that can never go wrong, and is sure to be valued by the receiver. Moreover, the gift becomes even more valuable when the blender is of superior quality. Therefore, Hestia presents the IQ Blender Pro, which has a 1200W copper wire motor - making it one of the most robust, high-performer machines in the industry. It makes the healthiest smoothies and the finest masalas in a fast and efficient way. It has 6 winged, stainless steel blades that can handle both dry and wet grinds. Get it at the most reasonable price, only at Hestia.

5. Coffee Makers


With the urban population becoming increasingly hooked to their daily cup of coffee, we are certain that a coffee maker will be the most useful present for this festive season. There are a variety of coffee makers in the market that can create up to 7 cups of coffee and include a simple drip-stop mechanism that allows you to halt the coffee-making process anytime you choose. Aroma twisters swirl the coffee for the best flavor, a water level indicator for simple filling, non-slip feet, and an illuminated power button are all features of the device.

6. Inductions


Help your loved ones enjoy flameless cooking with an induction cooktop, which provides fast heat application and only warms the area in direct contact. It provides the ordinary man with optimal energy consumption since energy is given directly to the cooking kettle. The induction stove's glass top stays cold to prevent burned fingers or palms, needless to mention the variety of food that can be prepared on an induction cooktop. From boiling milk to making tea, from pan frying veggies to reheating prepared food, this kitchen machine is the efficient, multi-tasking partner now quintessential in every Indian kitchen.

7. Waffle Makers


Innovative compact kitchen appliances can play a vital role in preparing quick and easy breakfast or evening snacks, and can be the best gifting option for this festive season. One of the most recently popular kitchen appliances is the waffle or sandwich maker. This not only enables quick waffle making by just whisking all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, egg and vanilla essence, and a pinch of salt in a bowl, and then cooking it in a wafer maker for 4-6 minutes. One can also get perfect sandwiches through the waffle maker by playing around with the ingredients of one's choice.

8. Toasters


When in need of a speedy meal, a toaster is a must-have if you want a fuss-free morning. Gone are the days when toasters would waste time and energy toasting just two pieces of bread. Modern toasters today include a hi-lift, auto pop-up mechanism that enables simple ejection and removal of all varieties of bread. They have bread-centering guide that keeps the bread in the center for even browning and a detachable crumb tray that makes cleaning much simpler.

9. Rice Cooker Electric


For Indians, rice is a must-have part of their daily meals. Cooking anything time-consuming during the first hour of the day is difficult for working professionals and busy homemakers. So, why not offer them a breather? An electric rice cooker is an excellent alternative for quickly preparing a warm bowl of rice in a quick and easy manner.

10. Electric Tandoor


An electric tandoor is a simple and practical method to cook delicious, restaurant-style meals at home. Because the cooking process uses less oil, it also encourages healthy eating. Overall, a great present for someone who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen while still being health-conscious.

So, make this festive season even more special for your loved ones by easing their workload with these amazing kitchen appliances online. Explore the details of the smart kitchen products at Hestia and get them quickly delivered to your and your loved one's doorstep.

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